Help a local nonprofit raise money for families in need of medical travel

Help a local nonprofit raise money for families in need of medical travel

When traveling for medical care, the last thing people should have to worry about is booking a plane ticket.

That’s something a local nonprofit is aware of.

Leasa Bolen started HALO with the goal of helping people find the resources they need to travel when they’re sick.

By partnering with members in the community, the organization connects people to the help they need, all while taking the burden of travel off those who have bigger concerns on their plate.

“At HALO, we understand first hand how difficult it can be to learn that you must travel out of the area to seek the medical care you need,” said Bolen.

“We want to take away the stress that comes along with medical travel so that our families can focus on their health.”

That help comes at a cost, though.

HALO hopes to officially start serving families in January 2020. To help fund those services, the nonprofit is hosting a dinner in September.

Held on the grounds of Greenbluff’s Sunset Orchard, the dinner will feature farm-to-table food from celebrity chefs Chad White and Lesa Lebeau.

All funding from the event will go toward the organization’s efforts to help patients travel at low to no cost.

“No one should go untreated or make medical decisions due to the cost or inability to afford to medical travel,” said Bolen.

You can book a dinner ticket HERE .

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