‘Hearts and Paws’ program places senior shelter dogs in care of skilled nursing center residents

SPOKANE, Wash. – A new program is placing senior shelter dogs in the loving care of residents at a local skilled nursing center

SpokAnimal is teaming up with Sullivan Park Care Center to establish the “Hearts and Paws” dog fostering program. 

The new, resident-run fostering program places senior shelter dogs in the foster care of Sullivan Park residents. The center will foster one dog at a time and gives each resident a chance to participate in taking care of the pup while SpokAnimal looks for their forever home. 

Once the dog is adopted, the shelter will bring in another senior dog for the center’s residents to foster. 

Sullivan Park residents currently participating in the program may be overcoming challenges with dementia, stroke or Parkinson’s disease. Leaders at the care center believe furry friends help them throughout their rehabilitation and recovery journey. 

“The residents are so excited for the opportunity to foster SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.’s wonderful senior dogs,” said Matthew Lysobey, administrator of Sullivan Park Care Center. “They have already successfully fostered and found a forever home for their first dog, Gretchen, who had her leg amputated after a motor vehicle accident. It is amazing to see so many residents with significant physical and cognitive challenges overcoming all obstacles because of their commitment to saving senior dogs and making a difference in their community. We’re all looking forward to welcoming and saving the next senior shelter dog.” 

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