Hazy sunshine and mild temperatures – Mark

The smoky skies may be dying down, but they aren’t gone for good yet. Expect sunshine with a slight breeze rolling through today. It will be the perfect setup for a summery weekend.


Fri Am 4 Things

In the next 12 hours, we will see an increase in temperature. We start the morning with temperatures in the 50’s. By the time we’re heading home for dinner, it’ll be a warm 76 degrees.

Fri Am 12 Hrs

Around the region, temperatures are staying under 80 degrees.

Fri Highs

We will see sunshine with some smoky haze and gusty NE winds today. This means, we can expect sunshine and warmer weather for the weekend, just with more haze. Heading into the weekend, we will see cooling into next week with a slight chance of rain Wednesday and Thursday.

Fri 4 Day