#happylife: Move your workout indoors at Spokane’s newest spin studio

Temperatures are dropping which means it is time to store away paddle boards and move your workout indoors.

Spin City is Spokane’s newest cycling studio. Its owners said they have worked out at multiple spin studios before, but never found a space that fit their needs as working parents. That inspired them to open their own space.

Co-owner Krystal Collazo explained how she felt intimidated by her first spinning experience – a young crowd with girls in short tops, moving faster than her.

” I was uncomfortable, I didn’t feel like I belonged there. I’m a mom, I have 3 kids and it’s hard for me to feel comfortable in my own body, ” said Collazo .

At Spin City, it is Collazo’s goal to make each person who walks through the door feel welcomed. The space is intimate, with a capacity for 32 bikes. The floor plan is open so it is hard to get ready, check in and pick your bike without speaking to someone.

Collazo said most of Spin City’s clients have never been to a cycling class before, which she loves.

” I let them know this is their class, this is their workout. I could be up there doing a push-up and if that isn’t comfortable for you, don’t do it, ” said Collazo .

Their bikes are able to accommodate a sneaker for those who are just starting or have not made the investment in cycling shoes yet. If you have, you can clip into the bikes, too.

Each class is 45 minutes long. Spinners are encouraged to show up 15 minutes early get bikes set up. There is an adjacent parking lot, since parking on the roads nearby is limited.

The first class is always free. After that, each individual class is $15. Spin City also has packages available.

This fall, Spin City is planning to offer six free classes at the new Pavilion in Riverfront Park.

To learn more about Spin City, click here.