#happylife: Keep your student safe as they catch the bus

As students head back to school, it is important to remind them to stay safe when catching the bus.

Here are some of the key safety tips parents should go over with children now, to make sure they are ready for the transition.

Wait on the sidewalk. Never approach the bus until it reaches a full stop and the door is open.
Never run behind the bus. If your student is running late, make sure they know ahead of time what to do if they miss their bus.
Recommend walking or biking. Pediatricians said 10 years old is a good age for children to walk or bike to class. That is because their cognitive skills are more developed.
Go over their route before the first day of school. Whether it is by bus, by bike or on foot, take the time to go over your child’s school route before class begins. Point out crosswalks and landmarks, so they know what to look for if they feel lost.

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