Happy ending for dog lost after RV crash

An Alaska couple was on their way to the Lilac City for Thanksgiving when they crashed on the freeway. Their dog was ejected from the vehicle and has been missing since Monday, but thanks to helpful strangers, this story has a happy ending. 

Sandi Anderson and her husband were traveling in their RV to see their daughter for Thanksgiving. They brought their 2-year-old Schipperke along.

“Silhouette is her name. We call her “Silly.” She does live up to her name. She is silly,” laughs Anderson.

Her husband was driving on I-90 eastbound when he over-corrected, tossing their RV onto its side.

“The windshield was shattered and the dog was in my lap. The dog went flying out in the crack in the windshield. I saw her hit the pavement and she got up and started running,” Anderson said.

The RV was totaled. Sandi and her husband had bumps and bruises, but their pup was the only concern on their mind.

“I was laying on the side saying ‘please find my dog. I can’t find my dog. Where’s my dog?'” Anderson said.

She put an ad on Craigslist and that’s when she said many volunteers who she’s never met started a Facebook group to help find Silhouette.

“These people, out of the kindness of their hearts, just came out of the woodwork and helped us,” Anderson said.

She says one man even camped out all night on the side of the freeway in hopes to find Silly.

Days later, a volunteer saw Silly and called Anderson. She and her husband immediately drove to the crash site.

“I just started crying and we got out of the car and called to her very softly ‘Silly, Silhouette’ and she just came charging to us and she couldn’t control her joy,” Anderson said.

Silly spent 5 days and 4 nights in a field by the side of the freeway. She may have a few scars, but is finally home.

“She’s back with us and is the most precious thing in the world. love her dearly, sorry I’m crying,” Anderson said.