Hanna Soaks Bahamas After Gustav Rakes Caribbean

HAVANA (AP) — After soaking the Bahamas, Tropical Storm Hanna is heading through “hurricane alley” on a path that could take it up Florida’s Atlantic coast.

And Hanna may not be alone. Satellite imagery shows several potential storms forming in the open Atlantic.

Hanna, with top winds of 50 miles per hour, has been dumping rain on the Turks and Caicos Islands and the southern Bahamas. Forecasters expect a gradual turn up the Atlantic side of the Bahamas island chain early this week.

That would be welcome news for Cuba, where Hurricane Gustav smashed thousands of homes.

The National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on four other weather systems moving westward from the African coast. The center says one in the mid-Atlantic has a good chance of becoming a tropical storm.