Hanna Likely To Intensify After Drenching Bahamas, Killing 10 In Haiti

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos (AP) — Hanna has weakened to tropical storm strength, but it has triggered deadly flooding.

Authorities in Haiti say the bodies of 10 people have been found along the country’s western coast. That brings the storm’s regional death toll to 11. And for Haiti, that brings the death toll from storms to more than 100 in the last month alone.

A U.N. investigator in Haiti says “the situation is as bad as it can be.” He says with wind ripping up trees, houses flooded and streets impassable, “you can’t rescue anyone wherever they may be.”

The National Hurricane Center in Miami says Hanna’s top winds have dropped to 70 miles per hour and could weaken further, but the storm has the potential to return to hurricane strength. The current track would carry Hanna toward eastern Florida, Georgia or South Carolina in the next few days, but forecasters caution that the track is uncertain.

Two other tropical storms have formed farther out in the Atlantic. The hurricane center says Ike could reach the Bahamas by Sunday. Meanwhile, Josephine has formed to the east of Ike.