Hamas Protests Egypt’s Attempts To Close Gaza Border Breach

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — Hamas is acting against Egypt’s attempts to close a breach at the border with Gaza.

Hamas militants have hauled away metal spikes set down earlier at the border by Egyptian soldiers.

Meanwhile, about 600 Hamas supporters have protested not far from the nearest Egyptian border post. A banner read “Egypt and Palestine are one people, not two.” One protester shouted, “Keep the border open.”

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have streamed into Egypt since Hamas toppled a border wall last month, shopping and visiting relatives.

Hamas wants a role in running the border with Egypt, a demand rejected by Egypt and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a rival of Hamas.

Egypt and Abbas have proposed returning to an internationally supported arrangement where Israel would have a final say in operations at the border, shutting out Hamas.

Hamas’ prime minister in Gaza says he won’t allow the border to be resealed.