Halloween Express holding first ever sensory-friendly morning

A few weeks back, the owners of Halloween Express Spokane were approached by an employee who works closely with children that have Autism. She explained that it is tough for their families to shop at costume shops because of loud music and sound effects coming from animatronic decorations.

So, they decided to do something about it

On Saturday, October 12 from 8 to10 a.m., Halloween Express will host its first-ever sensory-friendly morning for costume shopping.

The store is partnering with the Isaac Foundation, an organization that provides resources and assistance to children and their families with Autism, to make sure the experience is a positive one.

There will be maps of the store available so families can find what they are looking for easily and avoid any areas that might make their children uncomfortable.

If you cannot make the sensory-friendly morning, Halloween Express Spokane is set up so loud and scary animatronics are off to the side, away from the main costume shopping area. They have a few small decorations in the front of the store they say they are happy to turn off for any sensitive shoppers.

Additionally, the store has blue pumpkins available for purchase. Carrying a blue pumpkin or placing one on your doorstep, alerts others to children who might need a little extra time and attention for collecting candy. Proceeds benefit the Isaac Foundation.

Halloween Express Spokane is located at 1704 West Wellesley Avenue.