Hail to the Chief (from Elk, Wash.)

Hail to the Chief (from Elk, Wash.)

This November President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will square off to see who will be the commander in chief for the next four years. You also might consider a third, write-in candidate: Barbara Prokopich.

In the town of Elk, Wash., population 3,900, standing at just over five feet tall, lives resident Barbara Ann Prokopich. Grandma Barb, as she likes to be called, wants your vote. Not for town council, mayor or even state representative.

“I’m running against Obama and Romney for president,” she said.

Prokopich, who is running as a Republican, is among several candidates in key states to be considered for a write-in as the next president of the United States. She’s not going to be on the ballot but if enough people write in her name she could technically win.

President Prokopich

With $1,000 in her account and a lot of paperwork, she’s added her name to the list of acceptable write-in candidates for the presidency. She’s already filed in several states including Kentucky, Illinois and Maryland.

Her platform right now is pretty simple and straightforward.

“I figure if they can do it and make all the baggage mistakes they’re making, I certainly can’t do any worse,” she said.

So while she won’t be on the ballot under President Obama or Romney’s names, she is listed among those who can accept votes as write-in candidates.

“I can do a whole lot better. We don’t have to have the same kind of game rules, we don’t have to be run by the government and we can be run together, as a family and a team. An American team,” she said.

Prokopich says she’s a tough conservative and is a supporter of having a strong military. Sometimes she discusses parts of her platform on Twitter and attacks her rivals Romney and Obama in 140 characters or less.

“If you want a good military, start with the Marines and work your way up,” Prokopich, who according to her Twitter account is an “Ex-Marine” herself.

She has 31 followers on Twitter and conservatively speaking needs about 30 million more followers to cast a vote for her to be in the running on election day in November.

This third candidate for the White House is, at least, trying.

“If a poor person can learn to spend with less, then why can’t the top of the brass do the same?” she asked.

When asked if she thought she had a shot against Obama and Romney, Grandma Barb said she doesn’t know, but as divided as the country is she said she thinks it will be a third party candidate to win the election.