Habitat for Humanity restores abandoned homes in West Central

SPOKANE, Wash. — Two houses that once stood on the corner of Gardner and Ash have been moved and fully renovated. 

Habitat for Humanity took over six homes in the West Central neighborhood with the plan of rehabilitating them. Two are now complete and ready to house new families. 

“We’re really lucky! We’re standing in a home right now that will soon have a family inside and they’ll be closing on this home in the next couple of weeks,” said Chief Executive Officer Michelle Girardot. 

Habitat for Humanity believes in a world where everyone has a decent place to live. That pursuit has kept the project moving forward, despite setbacks from the pandemic. 

The organization partners with people and families who are earning less than 80 percent of the median income. 

“It’s really crucial. A home is the foundation of our lives. Families qualify based on their need, their ability to pay, their willingness to partner,” Girardot explained. “It’s not a charity. It’s truly an empowerment program. These families are getting the financing to buy these homes.” 

Families not only build financial stability, they have the freedom to save for medical emergencies, pursue a new career or get an education. 

“They’re not going to worry about making a decision between putting food on the table or paying their rent,” Girardot said. 

These homes are game-changing for the families who buy them, but the benefits reach far and wide. 

“This home used to be a source of blight. We see, for every abandoned home, not only are there a litany of liens and legal issues that might be tied to these abandoned homes, it just doesn’t make a community feel very safe,” Girardot said. “Besides the transformation of these homes and besides the transformation of the families life, it’s also a transformation of this block. It’s a transformation for this neighborhood.” 

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