Habitat for Humanity empowers women to build and to own their own homes

DEER PARK, Wa. — Over the past few days, women have been hammering, drilling, painting, and landscaping to create big futures for people in our community.

As part of Women’s History Month, Habitat for Humanity is celebrating women. It’s embracing the women who are out there helping others transform their lives- but also, those building a better future for their families through the programs.

Hawa Nasir moved from Sudan back in 2014. Six years later, she’s a soon-to-be Habitat homeowner.


“My mother is going to be with me. I am so happy. I am so happy for all of you guys for making this come true,” Hawa’s translator told us on her behalf.

“By being able to shine a light on the inequities that women still see, and trying to gain credit, and obtain a mortgage loan. It’s still so wildly skewed. It’s really important for us to highlight that it’s inequity and injustice,” explained Michelle Girardot, Chief Executive Officer at Habitat for Humanity Spokane.

To get this point, Hawa put in at least 250 “Sweat Equity Hours”, helping to build Habitat homes, across the Spokane area. She’ll also pay an affordable mortgage, never paying more than 30% of her income towards the home and she took finances classes.

“I am excited for the holidays. The holidays are coming up,” explained Hawa. She’s ready to host Ramadan in her new home and says this all beyond her wildest dreams. “You guys should come over too!!” she added.

It’s this kind of success that makes the hard work of these women volunteers so much sweeter.

“Sometimes we see blessings in the burdens of our lives because of a safe, decent, affordable place to live,” said Michelle.

“I never thought I’d get a home here in the U.S.! Even in Spokane too! It wasn’t even planned. I never thought!” said Hawa.

Within the next 2 months, families will be moving into homes at the Hope Meadows Development in Deer Park. Once the development is complete, there will be 117 Habitat for Humanity homes in that specific area.

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