Gym vs. at-home workouts

Obese teens who lose weight at risk of developing eating disorders

All the time people vow to lose weight. More often than not, people start to bend the rules of the diet or exercise routine they chose after a few months. Is it the way people are going about these resolutions that causes them to fail?

Taking the first step and making the decision to start exercise can be difficult; however, following through with your plan is what often proves to be most difficult. Working out at home versus in the gym has numerous advantages and disadvantages.

For many, working out at home is the perfect place to begin their resolution. It is less expensive, less time consuming and less intimidating than working out at a gym.

An at home workout routine can be the perfect solution for some people; however there are a few disadvantages to working out at home. There is more temptation to skip your workout since not as many people are there to hold you accountable and there is greater temptation to give yourself a break. Working out at home also presents the challenge of exercising with limited equipment and space.

Since choosing the best option can be hard, a combination of working out at home and going to the gym is a good solution. Working out at home helps keep exercising convenient and going to the gym keeps you pushing yourself harder.