Green Bluff cherries thriving and ready for picking despite last week’s heat wave

GREEN BLUFF, Wash. — Green Bluff is ripe with cherries this month and it’s time to go pick them while they last!

Some Green Bluff Growers have already opened their orchards to the public while others are preparing to this weekend.

Sunset Orchard is 10 acres of the original orchard that established Green Bluff.

The orchard has several of the original thriving cherry trees, including the more than 115-year-old Bing and Gravenstein.

Cherry varieties include Bing, Chelan, Lambert, Morello Pie, Rainier and Van cherries.

Each year, Sunset Orchard harvests from 2,000 fruit trees, 5,000 veggie plants, and 11,000 pumpkin plants.

Their fruits are handled as organically as possible using sustainable alternative methods for ground and insect control.

You can also find them participating in farmers’ markets in the community.

U-pick cherries are available daily from 8am-5pm, so get them while you can!

Other Green Bluff Growers open for cherry season are Walter’s Fruit Ranch, Cherry Hill, Hansens Green Bluff Orchard and much more.

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