‘Greatest news I could’ve received:’ Formerly homeless family gets apartment in time for Christmas

SPOKANE, Washington — Escaping from domestic violence, Sarah and her two kids walked into a Family Promise shelter with nowhere to go.

“I felt like I didn’t have anyone in my corner when we first got there, but when we first started warming up, I noticed they were there to help us and they were in my corner and my kid’s corner,” she said.

With help from Family Promise, she was able to apply for an apartment. She didn’t think she’d get it in time for Christmas.

“That was the greatest news I could’ve received over the phone,” Sarah said.

She received the keys to her new apartment on Monday and has already started to move in. Her apartment has all brand-new appliances from Catholic Charities.

What Sarah’s family is achieving is the goal for Family Promise.

“Our goal is to reduce the length of stay in homelessness and the severity of that homeless experience so that particularly our children, don’t have to be in that situation for a long period of time and so we are constantly trying to end homelessness,” said Joe Ader, executive director for the organization.

Family Promise recently received $25,000 from Numerica to help families like Sarah’s.

For Sarah, after finding family at Family Promise, her new start is bitter-sweet.

“It’s really weird to finally have our home home,” she said. “It’s kind of sad at the same time because I’m closing that door and opening a new chapter.”

Family Promise helps those with children who are left homeless or need help paying rent.

To reach Family Promise, you can call (509)-747-5487.

If you are looking for help with domestic violence or know someone who might be, here is a list of local resources.

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