Great Gardens- Preparing For Spring

SPOKANE- As the spring season slowly creeps up on winter, many gardeners are thinking about what they will plant in their yard first, but before new plants go in, the old ones need to be trimmed.

There are many different tools gardeners can use to trim their plants, and the first tool every gardener should have is a book on proper trimming form. It is important to start out with the proper technique so that you do not trim in the wrong places and hurt the plant.

Once you have mastered the technique, be sure and get the proper tools.

One of the best tools you can buy is the pole pruner. This tool will allow you to prune every plant in your yard, as it can reach almost 12 feet in any direction.

The pole pruner also has a saw on the top of it, as well as shears that can chop think branches. However, if you are planning to do some serious tree trimming, you should hire a certified trimmer.

For bigger jobs, the bow saw is a great tool to use on large branches and shrubs that need to be removed.

In addition to the bow saw, the pruning saw will help every gardener trim any type of branch. These come in many different sizes and it is up the gardener to choose the correct saw to buy.

Loppers and shears are also essential tools, but they also require a gardener to choose the correct size and sharpness. The only thing that is necessary on these two tools is a good handle so that the user does not slip and get hurt.

Finally, clippers are the most important tool in the garden. Many people have different tastes when it comes to the sharp tool, but the scissor handle clippers seem to work the best.