Great Garden’s- Plant Bedding Technology

New technology is changing the way plants are bedded. The process used to be long but thanks to the Punch N’ Grow system and the 4-3-2 Plot Tray.

This new bedding technology uses a machine to press the plants right into the bedding trays. The process looks like it might harm the plants, but the young plants are robust and flexible helping them easily survive the press.

Once the plants are transferred from the plot tray to the bedding tray they then go down a conveyor belt where they are watered and then checked over by workers to ensure that there is a plant in each bedding cell.

Once all the beds are full then they are tagged so that the consumer knows what plants are in the trays.

This whole process is done locally at garden retailers like The Plant Farm. This allows bedded plants to be produced in Spokane rather than having to ship them in from outside the region.