Great Gardens – Holiday Plants

SPOKANE — During the holiday season, many people like to give plants as gifts, and there are three main types of plants that can both look good and can last throughout the winter.

The most popular of the three is the poinsettia. Either way you pronounce it, this plant is a great gift for the season because it has very bright colored leaves, and with good light and proper watering, these plants can last a long time.

However, the poinsettia can survive many different climates so if you stick it in the corner and it looses its leaves, do not worry. The one thing to be careful about with these plants is to not over water them.

The next most popular holiday plant is the Christmas cactus. These plants do not need a lot of care, and if they are stored in 45 degree to 50 degree temperatures, they are more likely to bloom. An ideal place for these plants is a cool window sill.

Finally, the cyclamen is a great gift for any person on your list. These plants have beautiful white flowers, and to keep them in great condition, be sure to water the plants on the edge of the container and not in the center, or crown, of the plant. Make sure not to get the cyclamen too wet or it will rot and wilt.

All of these holiday plants come in sleeves or plastic pots, and be sure to cut a hole in the bottom of these pots so the plants have a place to drain.

Also when you are bringing a plant home for the first time, be sure to take them