Great Gardens- Growing Products

If you’re looking for a new product or two to enhance your garden or nursery when spring finally comes, Phyllis Stevens has a couple of suggestions for you.

One tried and true product is a simple grow box, which will not only allow your plants mobility – they have wheels so you can roll them around on your deck or patio – but they store water and therefore require little maintenance.

Grow boxes have built in water reservoirs that store water and allow roots to access that water as needed, so care for plants in a grow box is kept to a bare minimum.

Another convenient gardening product is a capillary mat. Take one of these mats and place it in a tray with water. The mat will then draw in water and keep the plant moist and humid.

Capillary mats are great for orchids and other plants that love humidity.

Coconut pots are an extremely popular product as well, as they are more biodegradable and Earth-friendly than the vast majority of pots currently on the market. They’re far more renewable than fiber pots but still come cheaply.

Finally, small grow lights can be a welcome addition to a nursery, as they’ll produce excellent results without you having to deal with large, expensive grow tubes.