Great Gardens- Gardening Books

Spokane–There are many different kinds of gardening books on the shelves at every local bookstore, but only a few have the capability of giving the gardener well rounded information.

“The Garden in Winter,” by Suzy Bales is a new book, but it gives gardeners some great ideas about keeping plants alive in cold weather.

“The New City Garden”, by Judith Adam shows off many different gardens that are grown into small lots. It tells the reader how to maximize their gardening ability with only a limited amount of space.

“Gardening With Ed Hume,” by Ed Hume is a great guide to every plant gardeners would consider putting in their garden. It explains how each plant looks and how it will grow in any garden.

Cass Turnbull’s “Guide to Pruning” is an essential book for any type of gardener. It explains the basics of trimming a garden and how pruning will significantly extend the life of any garden.

“The Able Gardener,” by Kathleen Yoemann gives disabled gardeners information about how to overcome their handicap in the garden. It shows people how anyone is can be a gardener.

These books are just a handful of great literature on gardening, and they will be able to help any level of gardener in any capacity.