Gov. Inslee on bringing apples outside state quarantine area: ‘We regret that mistake’

Inslee Apples
PC: Spokane Fire Department

OLYMPIA, Wash – Washington Governor Jay Inslee expressed regret for bringing apples outside of a state-designated quarantine area into non-quarantine areas of eastern Washington.

Governor Inslee brought the apples to communities affected by wildfires. Apples brought to one community tested positive for the maggot larvae that the state wants to keep in those designated areas.

PAST COVERAGE: Apples Inslee brought to Eastern Washington test positive for maggot larvae

“The other morning before I went to eastern Washington, Trudy and I picked some apples off our tree at the Capitol residence to take a gesture to the people to let em know in Bridgeport and Malden that they’re not alone,” Gov Inslee said. “Obviously, we regret that mistake and we hope people’s awareness of the situation is raised by this.”

The Inslees said in that spirit of generosity, they’ll be making donations food banks in several counties.

Moving apples outside of that quarantine area is a misdemeanor in Washington, but the Dept of Agriculture told 4 News Now Thursday that the agency’s focus is education, not criminal charges.

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Gov. Inslee says the apples brought to Malden in Whitman County have all been recovered.