Gov. Inslee details in-store retail guidelines for counties approved to move forward

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Governor Jay Inslee released guidelines on Tuesday for small counties in the process of partially resuming in-store retail. 

The guidelines pertain to all counties granted variance under Gov. Inslee’s ‘Safe Start’ plan. So far, eight counties have been approved to move forward to Phase 2 of the state’s reopening. 

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Under the requirements, the amount of customers in a retail establishment at any time cannot exceed 30% of the store’s total building occupancy. 

That amount is determined by the fire code and does not include employees. 

Markers will be placed at storefronts to remind customers waiting in line to social distance.   

Employees will be required to sanitize high touch areas on a regular basis. Additionally, businesses will be required to clean all fitting rooms in between customer use. 

Employers will also need to provide employees with the necessary PPE. If an employee doesn’t feel safe in their work environment, Inslee says they may refuse to work and could potentially be eligible for unemployment benefits. 

Until retailers meet all safety criteria, they will not be allowed to operate, it reads in the guidelines. 

You can read the safety requirements by CLICKING HERE.

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