Gonzaga School of Law responds to Bishop Daly’s concerns over LGBTQ+ clinic

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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Gonzaga School of Law has reached out to the Spokane Catholic Diocese, after Bishop Daly’s remarks over the school’s newly-launched LGBTQ+ Rights Clinic.

Bishop Daly expressed his concerns in a release from the Catholic Diocese of Spokane on Wednesday, saying that the LGBTQ+ Clinic “conflicts with the religious freedom of Christian individuals and organizations.”

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The full statement reads as follows:

“Bishop Daly is concerned about the new legal clinic at the Gonzaga Law School. While the Catholic tradition does uphold the dignity of every human being, the LGBT Rights law clinic’s scope of practice could bring the GU Law School into conflict with the religious freedom of Christian individuals and organizations. There is also a concern that Gonzaga Law School will be actively promoting, in the legal arena and on campus, values that are contrary to the Catholic faith and Natural Law. Bishop Daly and the diocese are studying the issue further and will be discussing these serious concerns with the university administration.

Unfortunately, the diocese was not consulted prior to the opening of this clinic. Bishop Daly is a strong supporter of Catholic Education and hopes that Gonzaga will continue to be a partner in the Catholic mission of faithful education in the Church.”

Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh reached out to the Catholic Diocese of Spokane in response, asking to meet and discuss the “scope and focus” of the clinic.