Gonzaga nuns cheer for NCAA win

Gonzaga nuns cheer for NCAA win

Gonzaga students aren’t the only ones who are swept up by GU basketball. There’s quite a few dedicated fans out there and some might surprise you.

“I’m praying hard to be with them and help us win,” Sister Marybeth said.

All season long, Sisters Marybeth and Mary Joanna have been rooting for the Zags.

“The pope and then Gonzaga winning, it’s great,” Sister Marybeth said.

Gonzaga nuns cheer for NCAA win

If the sisters aren’t cheering for the Zags in-person, then they watch the games inside their TV room.

“It’s pretty nerve-wracking and nail-biting and we are screaming,” Sister Marybeth said.

They have Gonzaga posters hanging on the walls of Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church.

Sister Marybeth has even done her homework on Gonzaga’s opponent.

They’ll also be saying a few extra prayers for the Bulldogs because they hope their favorite team can go far into the NCAA tournament.

“If they play well, they could go all the way,” Sister Marybeth said.