Golden Knights wow crowds at SkyFest

Golden Knights wow crowds at SkyFest

The United States Army Parachute team, the Golden Knights, entertained the masses at SkyFest 2014.

The Golden Knights are comprised of 89 paratroopers.

Sergeant First Class Brian Karst has been a part of the team for three years.

“There is no greater thrill or better way to bring the American Army to the American public,” said Karst.

Each Golden Knight has a different Army background.

“I had ten years in the military before coming to the Golden Knights. We’re a whole bunch of crazy people thrown together to come out and support the American public,” said Staff Sergeant Jon Clevenger.

Each Golden Knight has to have a minimum of 100 jumps before they can be considered. They then spend two months going through a selection process where they complete 150 to 200 more jumps.

If they are selected they spend many months on the road performing, only seeing their family a few times each month. Which to them, is the last they can do for their brothers in uniform.

“We have soldiers deployed right now, so this is the least we can do for all those who are deployed right now. Members of our armed forces are away, they spend months, years away from their family so we’re just trying to give back as much as they are,” said Clevenger.

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