Goertz leads on the court and in the stands for Medical Lake

Goertz leads on the court and in the stands for Medical Lake

Megan Goertz wants a little bit of everything out life.

Todd Harr: “She has a quiet determination, really, just goes after it, she’s not afraid of anything.”
Certainly no fear of a loaded schedule. The captain and setter for the Cardinals volleyball team also doubles as the Medical Lake band President.

Megan Goertz: “Every morning, 7am go to rehearsal and then I’m in four AP classes, after school we have either practice or a game, and then we have football games every Friday night basically. It’s a little tough, but I still enjoy it.”

Goertz wants to study to become a genetic counselor, helping people and families understand and cope with genetic disorders.

Megan Goertz: “It makes me feel good, and then getting to educate people about their disorders and then just letting them know that it’s going to be okay, it’s not as bad as it seems.”

Something she probably tells herself, too. Juggling so much responsibility with a perfect GPA. Luckily, Coach is helping her focus on one thing at a time.

Todd Harr: “I told her with volleyball to stop thinking, I was like you have so much that you do that takes so much out of you that we need you just to play here when you’re here. She kind of just comes in and gets to get away from everything else and has really you know come into her own on the volleyball court.

And she now has her own school record after dishing out 44 assists in their last league win, Goertz is determined to make success commonplace for this team.

Megan Goertz: “Medical Lake does not have a very good history with our volleyball program, so we’re wanting to go to districts this year and we’re really close and that’s the goal.”