Glucose Revival providing $50K in PPE for diabetic healthcare workers


SPOKANE, Wash. — Fairchild Air Force Base firefighter and EMT Kris Maynard is providing specialized PPE for free, for people with diabetes.

Maynard is also the president of Spokane business Glucose Revival, which will provide the equipment free of charge. The company says people with diabetes are seven-times more susceptible to severe symptoms from COVID-19 than those without.

According to Glucose Revival, they are giving away $50,000 of free Thrive glucose aids for diabetic first responders and healthcare workers.

“My passion to help the brave diabetic American health care workers and first responders aiding in the fight against COVID-19 led me to providing my emergency glucose medical aids, to these unrecognized heroes across America at no charge,” said Maynard. “I am also paying the shipping.”

The Thrive glucose aid is a necklace that can immediately administer glucose in a life-threatening situation where the wearer has low blood sugar. Glucose Revival says this can happen without warning at any time, and can be life-threatening if not dealt with.

“Because of the devastation within the COVID-19 pandemic, my team and I made a decision to provide our Thrive Emergency Glucose Necklaces to diabetic healthcare workers across America completely free of any cost,” said Maynard. “These health care workers are working hard, putting their lives on the line and making substantial sacrifices while aiding Americans who are sick, suffering and dying from COVID-19.”