Gadget Guy: Watches For The Technically Savvy

SPOKANE — When it comes to gadgets, a wristwatch is a staple for any geek. The Gadget Guy introduces some of the newest and most innovative watches on the market today, and they are definitely all “nerd-approved.”

The Gadget Guy shows off three new watches for the technically saavy.

The first is a binary watch. This watch doesn’t even display the time in normal fashion. Instead it displays time in binary code (1,2,4,8,32). The watch displays a binary code for the time, for those of you who like to do math in the morning.

The next is a WiFi watch and is an inexpensive solution for those  people who use WiFi-equipped devices while on the road, and they don’t know where the nearest Internet hotspots are. This useful gadget watch will seek-out WiFi signals, and display the signal strength of these signals on the watch’s display on a scale of 0 to 8 (8 being the highest signal strength). For under $30, this may be a great gift idea for somebody who uses WiFi Internet on the road frequently.

Cell phones are getting smaller and smaller and with new ‘hands-free’ law,  the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch MBW-100 is a good idea. According to the company, the MBW-100 is the first mainstream Bluetooth fashion accessory from a mobile phone supplier