Gadget Guy: Staying Cool This Summer

KXLY 4’s Tech guru Johnny 5 was on Good Morning Northwest Friday morning giving tech-friendly tips of how to beat the heat this summer.

One product on the market to help your young child stay cool is the Baby Bee Cool Car Seat
, which uses ice packs tucked into pockets to keep a car seat cool for up to 10 hours. At $50, it gets the Johnny 5 stamp of approval.

For bikers and motorsport enthusiasts, there are cool vests
, which can be worn underneath your protective clothing. When draped in leather and other heavy clothing under a summer sun, one of these vests can do wonders in cooling you down a few degrees.

Finally, there’s the USB Air Conditioned shirt
, which is exactly what it sounds like. While an interesting novelty, to be sure, beware as it comes with a $170 price tag.