Friday Night Sports Extra: It’s officially playoff season

It’s officially playoff season for Inland Northwest high school football teams. Alex Crescenti and Julian Mininsohn break down all the highlights from Friday’s games.

Rocky Mountain vs Post Falls

We take you to the second quarter where Rocky Mountain has a 4th and goal near the goal-line. They went for it but were stuffed by Dylan Wolfe and the Post Falls defense.

Post Falls would get the ball back on offense. Jake Bustamante would get the handoff but was unable to get around the edge and was tackled for the safety.

Later in the third quarter, Rocky Mountain would have the ball and hand it off to Art Williams for the score. Rocky Williams would run away with the victory.

Final Score: Rocky Mountain 22  Post Falls 0

Kamiakin vs Central Valley

We head over to another game in the Inland Northwest where Kamiakin would take on Central Valley. CV was looking to throw early with Dylan Gravelle at the helm. He looked to run and passed it deep to Hudson Dayton for the score.

Kamiakin would get the ball back on offense. Carter Poland threw a pass deep into the endzone but Kimoni Davis would pick it off.

Getting the ball back on offense, Gravelle and the offense would get some razzle dazzle going. He threw a screen pass to WR Hudson Dayton, who threw it deep to Kaden Harken for the touchdown, giving the Bears a 13-0 lead. A touchdown from Devin Crow would add more insurance to the Kamiakin’s lead.

Final score: Kamiakin 35  Central Valley 19

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