Free Tax Prep Help In Spokane

SPOKANE — With tax day is about three weeks away, and some people in Spokane are getting some free tax prep help.

Across the country, people are lining up to get their taxes filed free of charge ahead of the April 15th deadline.

In Spokane, the AARP chapter offers free tax help along with other community organizations like the YWCA. Tax prep volunteers help medium to low income tax payers file their returns.

If you make $42-thousand dollars or less, and don’t have a complicated return, you can go to the Maron Prairie Library and get your taxes done for free.

“I think it’s a good thing because when you go to H&R Block, you’ve got to pay a whole lot of money to get your taxes done and they do it for free here,” taxpayer Sarah Okura said.

This year tax payers are turning to free tax help to save money during these uncertain times.

“I think it helps because you do have people who need help and so, taxes can be expensive trying to get it prepared,” taxpayer Catherine Meriwether said.

If you go to get your taxes done, remember to bring all important documents, and try not to procrastinate.

“Oh yes, the people that procrastinate, because they’re not sure what they need or their return is complex, they’ll start showing up the first of April.” Tax volunteer Bill Crutcher said.

The Maron Prairie tax center and several others in the Spokane area will be open through April 15th.