Former Shadle coach, Linda Sheridan, passes away at 65

Former Shadle coach, Linda Sheridan, passes away at 65

Beloved Shadle coach Linda Sheridan passed away Saturday evening after a nearly two-year battle with ALS.

“She just knew how to live life and teach you how to live each day to its absolute fullest and she showed us that right until the end,” former player Brooke Meyer said.

Sheridan inspired many of her former players to become coaches themselves, like Judy Kight who coached Varsity Volleyball at Mead High School for 23 years.

Former Shadle coach, Linda Sheridan, passes away at 65

“During the match, I’d look down the bench and think oh what is she doing and she would look back at me and we would talk after the match,” former player Judy Kight said.

Sheridan’s teams are responsible for many of the championship banners that now hang in Shadle’s gym. During her tenure, Sheridan won 17 GSL titles, seven state championships and played in 32 state championships. She taught and coached for 25 years and changed countless lives.

“I don’t ever remember her saying you have to win this game, but we generally pretty much did because she taught the whole person, the whole body, everyone from the best person on the team to the worst,” former player Stacey Ward said.

Sheridan battled ALS for almost two years but despite the diagnosis, Sheridan chose life. She found joy in little things and lived life to the fullest in her final days.

“She did it with such a courageous mental attitude, which is the same thing she taught us to do. She was going to live it to the end and enjoy every moment,” former player Shannon Horn Russell said.

“Everybody goes through this,” Sheridan said in 2012. “The thing that’s really wonderful is to continue to see people in their wellness, support their wellness – to know that living in this moment, finding something in this day that was fun and special, is the most important thing I do.”

A formal obituary and service for Sheridan is pending.