Former Murray spokeswoman claims discrimination

A former press secretary who made some gaffes in the early days of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s tenure has filed a $1 million discrimination claim against the city.

Rosalind Brazel was Murray’s press secretary when he took office in January. She was replaced in March.

The Seattle Times reports that she says she was the only African-American “professional level official” working for Murray at the time, that four other employees were reassigned without being fired, and that she was replaced by a white man who makes $5,000 more than she did.

At one point Brazel sent the press two versions of a statement by the mayor, along with internal comments about them.

Brazel also sent out a statement mourning the death of a former city official who, it turned out, wasn’t dead.

Murray, who is gay, says he is committed to diversity. He says everyone, himself included, made mistakes as his administration tried to find its feet, but Brazel wasn’t a good fit for the job.