Former Idaho lawmaker sentenced to 20 years for rape

BOISE, Idaho — Former Idaho lawmaker Aaron von Ehlinger will spend 20 years in prison for rape.

Ruth Brown with Idaho Reports reports a judge sentenced him to 20 years with eight years fixed, meaning he could be eligible for parole after serving eight years.

von Ehlinger faced life in prison for raping a 19-year-old legislative intern at his Boise apartment in 2021. He was a state representative at the time but later resigned.

He was convicted earlier this year, but last week, a judge denied him a new trial. At first, his lawyer asked a judge to acquit von Ehlinger based on a lack of evidence. His lawyer then asked for a new trial while also arguing von Ehlinger’s constitutional rights were violated because he did not have the opportunity to cross-examine his accuser.

During von Ehlinger’s trial, his victim began to testify, but abruptly left the stand saying “I can’t do this.”

His victim did provide a recorded impact statement during his sentencing Wednesday.

von Ehlinger will get credit for the time he has already served and must pay court costs.