Former gubernatorial candidate Culp sues 9 auditors claiming their handling of the election was ‘unlawful’

Loren Culp
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KING CO., Wash. — The campaign for former Washington gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp has filed a lawsuit against nine county auditors, including Spokane’s Vicky Dalton, regarding their handling of the November 2020 election.

Culp alleges there were discrepancies with the state’s voter registration address list data which “destroyed the integrity of the vote in Washington.” He has refused to concede despite losing to incumbent Jay Inslee; Inslee won with 56.7 percent of the vote while Culp received 43.3 percent.

The campaign claims the listed auditors – in Whatcom, Island, Skagit, King, Pierce, Thurston, Clark and Spokane Counties — failed to determine if registrants were alive, living in the country and/or living in Washington 30 days prior to the election.

The Culp campaign says there were multiple instances in which voters were either registered twice or voted twice. The lawsuit states 1,200 voters were registered twice with different voter ID numbers, while five voters were listed twice with the same voter ID number. The campaign also alleges 46 people voted twice in the November election.

Culp also claims that nearly 1,000 people who moved out of state registered to vote in the two months leading up to the election and of those, 358 voted in the November election. It should be noted that some people living out of state, like college students or military members, can still register and vote in their home states.

In regards to his complaints against Spokane County, Culp claims 6,912 people had moved with 110 people not providing a forwarding address; 15 had moved and were non-deliverable; 598 were deceased; nine had moved out of the country and 105 were canceled from the list maintained by the Secretary of State.

The Culp campaign also alleges that non-U.S. citizens could have voted in the election, though no examples were given.

In the lawsuit, Culp demands an audit of the election results by an independent forensic auditor, also requesting the expense of the audit be paid for by the state.

Read the full lawsuit here:

Culp v Wyman – 1st Amended Complaint for Preliminary Injunction and Demand for Audit.4 (1) by Erin Robinson on Scribd

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