Former Colville Police Officer arrested on child rape charges

Former Colville Police Officer arrested on child rape charges

A former Colville Police Officer has been arrested in Chelan County and charged with Rape of a Child in the First Degree. Scott L. Arms was booked into the Chelan County jail, his bail set at $25,000. As of Wednesday morning, he had been released.

According to court documents, the alleged victim told her middle school counselor about the incident she says took place at a Wenatchee home in January. The alleged victim then relayed the same story to investigators with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. She says she was watching a Seahawks game with Arms when he sexually assaulted her.

According to court documents, the young woman told investigators that she didn’t come forward because she was “very fearful and did not know what to do, especially since Arms was a police officer.” At the time of the alleged incident, Arms was a Colville Police Officer. Court records show the girl told police she came forward in April because she found out Arms was quitting his job in Colville and was going to be in Wenatchee more often.

When confronted about the incident, Arms told investigators he wasn’t sure about the allegations, but knew they had something to do with unwanted touching. Court documents show he told police, “I don’t know if I pinched her butt or what.”

Arms told police he has a good relationship with the girl,  believes she’s an honest young woman and doesn’t lie. When asked why he thought she would make these allegations, Arms responded, “Because she has a crush on me.” The victim said she liked Arms “and didn’t want to see him get in any trouble… but she does not want to be alone with him anymore.”

The alleged victim’s mother, who has a personal relationship with Arms, told police she believes her daughter is making up the allegations. But, according to the investigator on the case “school personnel, friends, her brother and her neighbor say [she] is a very well adjusted and honest young woman.” Court documents cite several people as saying, “If she said it happened, then it happened.”

Arms was arrested Monday and booked into the Chelan County Jail on child rape charges. He’s been ordered to stay at least 300 feet away from the alleged victim at all times. He’ll be in court to enter a plea on May 19.

Colville Police Chief Robert Meshishnek said Arms resigned from the police department on April 30.