Florida supermarket put Dorian’s path on a cookie cake

Florida supermarket put Dorian’s path on a cookie cake
Jessica Sullivan
A Publix cookie cake was making waves on social media.

As Florida waits for another hurricane, a Publix in St. Johns decided sweeten the situation by decorating a cookie cake with the path of the storm.

Customer Jessica Sullivan posted a picture of the hurricane themed cookie cake on her Facebook page with the caption: “Publix has all your hurricane party supplies.”

The cake decoration has had mixed reactions on social media. Users against the cake decoration say that Publix shouldn’t make light of a storm that can cause destruction, but Sullivan said for her it wasn’t that serious.

“I just thought it was funny,” she told CNN. “I mean, yeah, these storms are serious, but if you can’t find some humor in a crappy situation you will go nuts.”

She said she went in to buy a birthday cake for her son and saw the cookie. Big storms usually scare her boys, so she thought getting the cookie cake would help. And, sorry, there was only one left.

The Publix store had no comment on the cake decoration.

Dorian, a Category 4 storm, is likely to hit Florida this holiday weekend, and airlines and college football games are already preparing for the worst.