Flooding Kills Four, Forces Hundreds To Evacuate In Central US

PIEDMONT, Mo. (AP) — Flooding in the nation’s midsection has forced hundreds of people to flee their homes. It’s closed scores of roads and is being blamed for at least four deaths.

A huge storm system has poured up to 10 inches of rain on parts of the region. The National Weather Service has posted flood and flash flood warnings from Texas to Pennsylvania.

The heavy rain began falling in some areas Monday and hasn’t stopped. The four deaths were reported in Missouri, while in Texas a search is under way for a teenager washed down a drainage pipe. Two others are missing in Arkansas after their vehicles were swept away by rushing water.

Forecasters say the rain should end Wednesday in Missouri, where about 10 inches fell in the southeastern part of the state. An estimated 300 houses and businesses were flooded in the town of Piedmont and dozens had to be rescued by boat.

The storm system has headed northeast.