Five sexually violent predators now live under one roof in Spokane

Five sexually violent predators now live under one roof in Spokane
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A sexually violent predator with a history of abusing young children is now in his new home, just across from the Spokane Arena near downtown Spokane. Through the course of our reporting, we found out he’s not the only one. There are already four other sexually violent predators living in that home on the 1200 block of North Lincoln.

These men are considered more dangerous than sex offenders. They’re so dangerous, they’re classified as sexually violent predators.

The Spokane Police chief and the Spokane County Sheriff didn’t know about them until KXLY told them.

They say they didn’t know because the state has no obligation to tell them about these predators moving into their community. They have to register as sex offenders, but the state doesn’t have to reveal that they’re still sexually violent predators who still need treatment for their issues.

So, who are they?

Albert Brooks kidnapped and raped teenage girls. John Marcum molested young boys when he was in his 20’s and admitted to having sexual contact with 18 other underage victims. Court documents show Lonney Griggs sexually assaulted at least seven children over 22 years. Ronald Gober admitted to sexually assaulting nine children.

Now, they’re joined by David Durbin, who’s served time for assaulting young children. In 1987, Durbin followed a 5-year-old girl into a church bathroom, waited for her to come out of the stall, then picked her up, carried her away and molested her. In 1989, Durbin was convicted for repeatedly sexually assaulting a 10-year-old relative. In 2003, a woman found Durbin standing outside her home, staring through a window at her children.

For these men, the state believed prison time wasn’t enough — they were ordered to extensive therapy at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. That therapy can continue off the island here in Spokane, for example.

“They are going to empty McNeil Island and these violent sexual predators are going to end up in our communities,” said Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich to KXLY in an exclusive interview last week.”These are people who should never see freedom again.”

But they’re here.

The state says the Lincoln House has room for three more sexually violent predators. The city doesn’t require a special license or permit for that house to operate. It’s something some counties in Washington don’t allow — only six counties right now are home to these predators under this type of release.

While these men roam through Spokane — some with chaperones paid for by the state — local law enforcement officers aren’t able to tell if they’re violating their conditional release agreements, because they only show up in their databases as sex offenders, not sexually violent predators.

“There’s no requirement that state notify local law enforcement if there is a violation,” said Spokane Police chief Craig Meidl. “So, if this individual goes out and violates any of the pages and pages and pages of requirements, we don’t have any way of knowing that.”

In addition to the five sexually violent predators staying at the Lincoln House, there are three other sex offenders, whose treatment with the state is complete.

Many KXLY viewers have been asking us how much the owner of the Lincoln House is making from these tenants’ rents. In Durbin’s case, the state will pay $1,100 a month for his rent. A state office expects to get specific numbers to us by Thursday morning. We will be sure to update you as we learn more.

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