Five Arrested For Beating Driver Near Skate Park

SPOKANE — A 49-year-old Spokane man is recovering after being dragged from his car and beaten by five people, all who are now in custody in the Spokane County Jail.

Police say the vicitm was just trying to be a good neighbor and stopped his car when one of the suspects motioned to his wrist asking for the time. When the driver rolled down his window authorities say the suspects attacked, beating and dragging the man out of his car.

Twenty-seven-year-old Joseph Fisette, 23-year-old Aaron Fuqua, 19-year-old Joshua Keifer, 21-year-old Danmark Peterson and 18-year-old Teresa Tucker made their first appearances in court Tuesday on charges of 1st Degree Armed Robbery.

The suspects were walking down the street near the skate park at 4th and McClellan when Aaron Fuqua, who was released from jail four days ago, motioned for the time from a driver passing by. When the driver stopped, police say Fuqua pointed a BB gun at the driver while Teresa Tucker reportedly jumped into the passenger side and punched the driver, taking off his glasses and grabbing for the keys to his car.

The suspects stole the driver’s wallet and then allegedly pulled him from the car and kicked him in the face.

Within minutes and a few blocks from the scene all five were arrested.

Four of the five suspects have violent criminal histories, including felony convictions for burglary and assault. One of the five, Danmark Peterson, has a trial scheduled in May for assault with a deadly weapon.

As the temperature rises apparently so does the amount of crime that occurs in the vicinity of the skate park. Last year police heavily patrolled the neighborhood because of the rise in assaults in the area.