Firefighters knock down shed fire behind Otis Orchards home

Shed Fire
PC: Spokane Valley FD

OTIS ORCHARDS, Wash. — Spokane Valley firefighters knocked down a shed fire behind a home in Otis Orchards on Thursday. 

According to the fire department, a neighbor noticed the fire behind a home in the 23600 block of E. Euclid Ave and drove over to alert the family. 

Crews responded to the scene around 8 p.m., where they found the shed fully engulfed in flames. 

A total of 8 fire suppression vehicles were dispatched, but firefighters were quickly able to get the flames under control and five vehicles were canceled before they got there. 

No one was injured, the Spokane Valley Fire Department said. 

The homeowner said there weren’t any heating or electrical items in the shed that could have sparked the fire.

There were, however, several thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings inside the shed that were lost, and a nearby garage suffered minimal damage as a result. 

The cause of it is now under investigation.