Finding the Helpers: Spokane food blogger raises $8,000 to help local restaurants

SPOKANE, Wash. – You may follow the Instagram account and blog “Spokane Eats” run by a woman named Chandler Baird.

The food blogger has quite the following, so she figured, why not use it to help those who are struggling?

Baird decided to participate in the viral “Venmo Challenge.” Last week, she asked her followers to donate any amount they wanted to her Venmo account. With that money, she was able to leave generous tips at nearly 40 locally owned restaurants.

4 News Now tagged along as she dropped off her last donation of $250 to Italian Kitchen in downtown Spokane. The owners say they plan to give that money to their kitchen staff so that they can enjoy their Christmas.

“It will go a long way and we appreciate them. We’re certainly grateful and hopefully we can give back a little bit,” said Bryce Kerr, Owner of Italian Kitchen.

“We’re truly all in this together and the Spokane community is stepping up and supporting people as much as they can,” said Baird.

Baird says the community pitched in more than $8,000, including $2,000 from Washington Trust.

Tuesday was her last day dropping off donations, but says she plans to do this every year.

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