Finding peace in construction, local yoga studio unbothered by downtown stadium construction

SPOKANE, Wash — Right across the street from the downtown stadium construction is Shala Living Yoga, continuing their day to day despite the loud noise.

“One room is a little closer to the front, but we’ve noticed it doesn’t really come through and if we’re playing music, and practicing and breathing, we don’t notice it,” said owner Ara Lyman.

They normally hear traffic in their lobby, and at this point, Lyman explained they’re used to it.

“The thing is when you have a meditation practice or a mindfulness practice, you understand that all kinds of things arise so you know if the noise comes up we try our best to stay focused and not let it distract us,” she said.

Meditations start at 5 am, well before construction even starts.

“When we start our morning meditations on the weekdays, we’re crazy,” Lyman said. “We get up super early, so they’re not even out there doing anything then so there’s that.”

If the excavators can’t break up all the rocks, and explosives might be needed, that may change.

“I’m so excited for the blasting,” she said.

Construction on the downtown stadium is set to be complete by fall 2023.

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