Final Push For ‘Yes For Kids’ Campaign

SPOKANE — Ballots for the Spokane Public Schools’ levy and bond renewal have to be post marked by Tuesday evening if you want them to count.

If approved money from the bond and levy would go toward repairs and upgrades to numerous schools around Spokane, something district officials say is badly needed. 

Television ads for the vote’ Yes For Kids’ Campaign claimed your taxes wouldn’t go up if the bond and levy passed, but automated phone calls are still being made to people with that claim, which might not be true.

If you own a $100,000 house you are currently paying the district $148 a year toward the bond and $286 toward the operating levy.

If the bond and levy renewal passes and the rates are set at the maximum it would cost you $48 more on the bond and $70 more on the levy per $100,000 your property is worth.

Officials for the school district say the rate may not be set to its max.