Ferris High School locker room ransacked during basketball game

Several Apple products were stolen from high schoolers

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Ferris High school’s boys locker room was ransacked during a basketball game on Tuesday night.

According to Spokane Police, several iPhones, an Apple Watch and a set of headphones were stolen. While the boys and their parents were talking to Spokane Police, player’s mom had the idea to use the tracking device on her phone to track down her son’s belongings.

Thanks to that tracking app, police officers were able to get an idea of where the stolen items were. It led police more than nine miles north of Ferris High School near Spokane’s Garland District, at a home near the 4100-block of North Adams Street.

All of the Apple devices were recovered, except the set of Apple headphones.

Police recommend having a tracking device on your valuables, whether that’s built into the device or an attachment. Even if you can’t get an exact location, police say giving them a starting point will help their investigation greatly.

“During the school day, students use those for P.E. or changing, so they have access to those during the school day. This was after hours, so there is more controlled access to the basketball game,” said Brian Coddington, Spokane Public Schools.

Police have not made any arrests, but they say they have suspects. If you have any information on this theft, you’re asked to call police.