Ferguson pledges to scrutinize new travel ban

Credit: http://www.atg.wa.gov/

Attorney General Bob Ferguson pledged Monday to scrutinize the Trump Administration’s revised travel ban.

President Trump changed key provisions of his original immigration executive order in the revised version. The President’s revised Executive Order targets six of the seven majority-Muslim nations identified in the original order; with Iraq no longer on the list.

The new order also deletes the provision restricting lawful permanent residents who are citizens of the seven targeted countries. Several other key provisions were either changed or deleted.

Ferguson issued a statement about the ban:

“By rescinding his earlier Executive Order, President Trump makes one thing perfectly clear: His original travel ban was indefensible – legally, constitutionally, and morally. The President has capitulated on numerous key provisions blocked by our lawsuit, including bans on Green Card holders, visa holders and dual citizens, an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, and explicit preferences based on religion. We are carefully reviewing the new Executive Order to determine its impacts on Washington state and our next legal steps.”