February acting like it’s already spring -Nikki

More sunshine for your forecast

SPOKANE, Wash. — The rest of your Wednesday will be sunny and picture perfect (especially for February). To think this time last year, we were dealing with quite some snowfall.

Thursday and Friday will be mostly sunny as well. The best place to be is right under the sun. Bask in some of that warmth and enjoy! These are the days to take dog to the park or go for a jog. We will stay dry throughout the rest of the work week and beginning of this weekend.

There is potential, however, for the region to see rain and snow once again. Sunday night and into Monday morning is showing a chance for rain and snow in the forecast.

Winds will stay light throughout today and tonight.

Temperatures are going to stay in the 40s throughout the next week. Be mindful, our overnight and early morning temperatures will be chilly. Prepare for below freezing temperatures. Temperatures will be in the teens and low 20s for the next few nights.