Faux Tow Truck Driver May Be Boosting ‘Stolen’ Cars

SPOKANE — A West Spokane man is warning his neighbors after a tow truck was seen out trying to pick up cars the driver claims are stolen but weren’t.

Gary Burya’s minivan was nearly towed away by a tow truck that didn’t have the authority to take it.

Burya’s Dodge Caravan was parked in front of his West Spokane house Monday morning when a tow truck pulled up and started to hook it up to the tow. His daughter’s boyfriend questioned the driver and the driver claimed the van was stolen and he was taking to the police impound lot.

However when the boyfriend told him the car wasn’t stolen and he wanted to see the paperwork the driver unhooked the van and sped off.

The truck had U-City Towing stenciled on the door and police say that is not on the list of companies they contract with to pick up cars. Burya checked and couldn’t find a company called U-City Towing in Spokane.

“I spent about a half hour on the internet researching and CJ called around town and no one has ever heard of U-City Towing, never been one. The closest I found was in Philadelphia … it was University Towing,” Gary Burya said.

Burya reported the incident to police and they are investigating the incident.