Fast-food customer threatens to shoot someone over sandwich

Server drops baggie of cocaine in cop’s drink
Ed! via Wikimedia Commons
A server at a Chattanooga, Tenn. Steak 'n Shake accidentally dropped a bag of cocaine into a police officer's drink.

An Ohio man threatened to shoot someone after he became unsatisfied with the state of a sandwich he ordered at a local Steak ‘n Shake.

The Associated Press reports the man stormed into the restaurant and became verbally aggressive because the egg on his sandwich was runny and “looked like spit.”

Police arrested the man and charged him with aggravated menacing. They also revealed that the man didn’t actually have a gun.

The South Euclid Police Department took to its Facebook page to suggest better ways for expressing disappointment in your food in a restaurant setting.

“We hope he realizes at hotel SEPD we do not take special orders.”